Is It Cheaper To Keep Her? How To Determine If Your Vehicle Is Worth Keeping

Buying a new car is more of an investment in your new vehicle than it is an expense. While that’s true, sometimes it really is cheaper (and a better idea) to keep your current vehicle and invest in some quality auto repair to get your car back in fighting shape. Figuring out which option is a personal decision for you and your family to make, but the team at Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers wants to help you out! Keep reading for some ways to help you make that decision.

There’s no doubt about it, your old car likely served you well over the years. For well-looked-after cars, you likely made regular stops at your auto mechanic, and experienced few breakdowns. These repairs may have seemed tedious over time, but just like people, cars need to get checkups once in a while. Over time, daily use will cause unavoidable wear on your vehicle. Your belts and hoses will dry and crack, tire tread will wear out, and with the increase in electrical work in cars, those will need to be replaced too. These may sound like exhausting repairs, but they aren’t all dealbreakers. The team at Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers can take on your regular preventive maintenance as well as your auto repair needs with precision and ease.

In fact, we regularly run AC service promotions during the summer, like $50 off an AC Performance Test, to make sure your AC system is working properly. In order to diagnose your car’s AC properly, our auto mechanics will do a sealed high-pressure system performance test to identify any leaks or failures. Due to state-mandated refrigerant regulations, servicing your AC system requires extra care. We’ll hook your vehicle up to equipment that removes refrigerant, called an, “evacuation and recharge,” to ensure that the system holds the refrigerant correctly and without leaks. It may sound like an involved process, and that’s because it is! Not all AC systems check are the same depending on which auto repair shop you frequent, but at Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers, you can count on thorough, quality, state-mandated procedures for testing.

If the only issues you seem to have with your older car are things like those listed above, your car is probably still in good shape to continue on driving. After a bit of auto repair and replacement work, you’ll have saved yourself thousands on a new vehicle. By investing in your current car by performing this auto work, you’ll save on insurance and registration fees, as well as depreciation values. If it sounds like there are more costly and serious issues at play, you may want to consider biting the bullet and buying a new car.
Regular breakdowns even after a repair are signs that your vehicle may need to be put out to pasture. If the number of repairs you experience increases over time and the costs keep adding up, continued investment of your money may no longer be the right choice. To determine this, add up the recent auto repairs you’ve had done, and compare it to half the current value of the vehicle. If they add up to more than half its current value, it’s time to look at something new.

However you decide your old car’s fate, Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers is happy to help.We invite you to visit us at Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers and see for yourself how well we treat our family of customers. Our Citrus Heights auto repair shop is located at 7649-A Sunrise Boulevard. Our Roseville location address is 980 Riverside Avenue. The Sacramento auto mechanic team can be found at 49 Bicentennial Circle. Our business hours are Mon - Fri: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, and Sat: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Ready for Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers to service your fleet of vehicles? Make a Service Reservation online. Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers: A family business with unsurpassed service since 1965. 



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