Forget Back To School: Here’s How To Turn Your Car Into A STEM Classroom

While school these days has changed over to primarily distance learning, that’s no reason that you can’t encourage your kids to get involved with some fun STEM activities whenever you’re in the car. Keep reading to learn how to effectively turn your car into a STEM classroom!

Almost every moment with your kids is a way to help them with their education, especially if you want them exposed to STEM learning from a young age. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics were all involved in creating your car, so it’s the perfect place to start. Science is a fun subject for kids, especially since you can do experiments while you’re in there! Getting yourself familiar with the general workings of some of the systems within your car can help with this. Once you have a basic understanding of how an engine runs, how an air conditioning system works, and how things like your exhaust pipe work, there’s no end to the conversations you can have with your kids mixed with your own knowledge.

For example, you probably already knew that there are three main states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Explain to them the air we breathe is a gas; the water we drink is a liquid; and the ice inside a drink is a solid.  Use examples from real life to make the connection, and even use your car as an example! Let them know that while the rubber in the tires is a solid, they’re actually all filled up with air – a gas! 

You can also use your environment outside the car to your advantage. Say you’re driving through the rain or snow and you all start talking about the weather. Take this time to walk your kids through the water cycle in a way that they’ll easily understand. The water we have in the oceans or on land slowly evaporates into the sky, and once that water builds up, it forms clouds that then rain the water back down to the earth. This water goes into the ground, into the oceans and lakes, and then starts the cycle all over again.

These are only a couple of simple examples for you to see, but the options here are endless! Taking the time while you’re in the car with your kids to talk to them and explain the world around them – in ways you learned yourself when you were young – is a great way to get them interested in STEM fields. So, with the power of your mind, you can instantly turn your car into your very own moving STEM classroom, with you as their teacher! 
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