Five Engine Noises You Need to Pay Attention To

Is your vehicle's engine making funny noises? If the answer is yes, your car may be trying to tell you something very important. In this month's blog, we will explore five engine noises you need to pay attention to and not ignore:

  • Knock, knock! (Who's there?)
  • Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeels (With delight? Sorry, but no.)
  • Hiiisssssss (No, that's not your cat.)
  • Grinding gears (A sound that makes you cringe!)
  • Pop, pop, pop (And no, not the popcorn variety.)

We don't mean to make light of serious engine noises, but we figured that if we presented them phonetically, you and your passengers might have an easier time remembering what to listen out for. After all, Knock-Knock jokes are fun until your engine starts making them. Then, it's not so funny.

The knocks, squeals, hissing, grinding, and popping are signs that your car is having serious issues that will only get worse if ignored. That is why we strongly encourage preventive maintenance on your vehicle, so you rarely have the opportunity to hear any of these sounds coming from your car. 

We could, of course, tell you all the things these noises could mean -- like worn-out parts, loose belts, leaking hoses, a troubled transmission, or low oil levels -- but we never want to assume anything before we bring your vehicle in for an inspection. When you come into any Kniesel's Auto Service Center location in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Sacramento, we'll be happy to listen closely to your vehicle's noises and figure out what's going on. Our auto mechanics rarely meet a challenge they cannot solve, and it would be our pleasure to take great care of you and your car.

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