Diesels & The Great Outdoors: Why Light-Diesel Trucks Are So Popular

Diesel trucks are loved far and wide for their superior towing capacities and fuel economy savings. But what about those light-diesel trucks that are rising in popularity? Once exclusive to heavy-duty pickup trucks, diesel-powered engines are now being manufactured for full-size light-duty trucks too! Keep reading to find out why they’re so popular now.
Diesel engines for pickup trucks usually offer considerable fuel economy savings and increased towing capacity and driving range compared to their gas-powered engine counterparts. That being said, there’s a catch – they usually cost thousands upon thousands of dollars more! This can be off-putting for many buyers, especially when you factor in that they may not need the extra power for their truck’s regular use. 
When compared to many heavy-duty diesel trucks, light-diesel trucks are the clear winner. With a smaller build comes an often drastically reduced price, which many car-buyers will appreciate. While their prices are much lower than heavy-duty diesels, they still tend to be pricier than their gas-powered truck counterparts. However, this gap is much smaller, usually only a couple thousand dollars difference.
Light-diesel trucks also come with the added benefit of a far greater towing capacity than gas-powered engines. Sometimes this towing capacity can even double compared to comparable gas-powered models. In addition to this increased towing capacity, light-diesel trucks tend to have a better fuel economy. Before, many gas-powered light-duty trucks would get 19-22 miles per gallon. Luckily, having a light-diesel truck can boost that up to 26 miles per gallon, ensuring you save money in the long run.
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