Monthly Archives: May 2018


Sliced bread has been attributed as one of the best inventions ever. Now I’m all for carb loading, but I beg to differ; air conditioning has changed our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. I have theorized that the reason most people did not make it past 40 years in age in the 17th century was because they were too dang hot! Have you seen their clothes? Wool + 90 plus degrees= a bad day. String a few of those together and you literally melt away. Which makes me incredibly happy to be living in the modern day where AC is abundant. Until you are in a situation where it isn’t. I remember a certain summer when I was living in the south. I was between jobs and my AC is barely blowing, only working intermittently. When October hit, I was soooo very thankful that I could put off the repair; I knew it was going to hurt so the longer I could put it off the better. The only problem with this line of thinking is that time always wins and putting off repairs NEVER wor ... read more

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