• Most Common Reasons Your Car Overheats

    Posted on 20, June, 2018

    Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know the triple digits are back. Come to think of it, even when under a rock you could still tell….those delta breezes just aren’t as breezy as they once were. You know where this is going, right? Unless you have space in your garage, your car is outside almost all the time. On top of that, it’s working to transport you and the family, in all likelihood maxing out the AC. A car that is overheating is a sign that something i... read more

  • Explore California

    Posted on 11, June, 2018

    Can you feel it? That pull……..you’ll feel it in your chest, take a deep breath and think “soon……..very soon.” Living in Northern California, it’s a very familiar pull to someplace where you can’t get a cell signal and the Tahoe run-off beckons you away from your day to day. Camping season is here and if you have witnessed I-80 or Hwy 50 on a Sunday afternoon lately, you know that the seasonal pull has begun and EVERYONE is feeling it! H... read more

  • Gas Prices

    Posted on 01, June, 2018

    As Sacramento braces for the summer heat, summertime plans are being made and possibly modified as gas prices steadily trend up. To make sure your vehicle isn’t burning through fuel inefficiently, make sure of the following; -When on the freeway, use your cruise control; they don’t call it “hit the gas” for nothing. Sudden changes in speed can rob your car of fuel efficiency. Keep your speed as consistent as possible. -Make sure your fuel cap is on tight…&hellip... read more


    Posted on 25, May, 2018

    Sliced bread has been attributed as one of the best inventions ever. Now I’m all for carb loading, but I beg to differ; air conditioning has changed our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. I have theorized that the reason most people did not make it past 40 years in age in the 17th century was because they were too dang hot! Have you seen their clothes? Wool + 90 plus degrees= a bad day. String a few of those together and you literally melt away. Which makes me incredibly... read more

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